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Unpacking stage one of value maturity: Identify

January 30, 2019

By Martha Sullivan, CPA, CVA/ABV, CM&AA, CEPA Partner, Succession Planning Practice Leader Martha leads HK’s succession and exit planning services division and is a regular contributor to Wisconsin’s InBusiness digital magazine. In my last post, Introducing the 5 stages of value maturity, the question was posed: Where is your company at within the stages of value maturity? When something is


Optimizing Capital Structure and the Level of Debt Assumption

January 15, 2019

In many valuations, particularly those involving the valuation of a controlling interest, the appraiser will, in many cases, need to adjust to a hypothetical capital structure that is in line with what a hypothetical control-level buyer would expect to employ. The most conventional method for estimating this hypothetical capital structure is based on public company