The Six Common Denominators of Continuous Business Planning

Thank you for attending our session, “The Six Common Denominators of Continuous Business Planning.” We hope you found the information valuable and applicable. As mentioned in the presentation, below are additional resources to reference on the topic of successful business planning:

0 Glossary of Terms and Definitions – Strategic Bus. Planning – Objectives & Key Results

1a NASA History of Mission and Goals

1b Google Vision and Mission Statement Article

1c Ford Vision and Mission Statement Article

2a Summary Financial 5 3 1 Example

2b Motorola FOCUS Article

3a John Doer – Measure What Matters

4a Crucial Conversations Outline

4b The Alignment Ladder1

5a Effective Meeting Ideas

5b 7 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings

5c Sample Standing Meeting Agenda Template

5d SPD Standing Team Meeting Agenda

6a After Action Review Summary – Wharton

6b Process vs Outcomes – Nick Sabin Ryan Holiday Blog Post

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