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Latest Blog

Cultural development at traditional companies

By Natalie B. Hoffmann, CPA.CITP,  Partner

It’s a buyer’s market for today’s talented job seekers. Companies are forced to compete for the industry’s top talent, and the candidates are expecting more from organizations in terms of community service, transparency and authenticity than ever before. Today’s job seekers are...

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Two truths and a lie: Business valuation edition

By Martha Sullivan, CPA, CVA/ABV, CM&AA, CEPA Partner, Succession Planning Practice Leader

Martha leads HK's succession and exit planning services division and is a regular contributor to Wisconsin's InBusiness digital magazine.

  “Two truths and a lie” is a game where someone tells three things about...

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Staying ahead of the technology curve at a CPA firm

By Natalie B. Hoffmann, CPA.CITP,  Partner

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firms wishing to be successful in today’s digital world must prioritize staying ahead of the technology curve in order to deliver the experience their clients expect. Entire businesses are living in the cloud, CPAs and accountants, in general, should...

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About Us

Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C. (HK) is a Top 100 CPA and business consulting firm in the U.S. and the largest Iowa-based CPA firm (Accounting Today, 2018). Serving client organizations in all 50 states and thousands of U.S. cities, we are one of the nation’s largest and most respected professional service firms.

Our clients number in the thousands and range from privately-held organizations, Fortune 500 multi-nationals, franchisor organizations across all industry sectors, individuals and nonprofits.

HK adds value for our clients by providing forward-thinking, effective and timely services and solutions. Our promise of first-class customer service and client loyalty is demonstrated through our renowned 11-point customer service program and the award-winning HK Client Patronage Program App for Apple® and Android™.

In addition to our CPA firm, the HK Family of Companies includes HK Financial Services, HKP–Your Workforce Solution, Kabel Business Services and the HK Alliance.

  • 62ndLargest CPA & business consulting firm in U.S.
  • 70+years serving clients
  • 40+ Innovative, proactive solutions

Latest News

HK’s TaxGap 2.0 featured in Franchising USA magazine

HK's TaxGap Review 2.0, which takes into account a business' tax situation in light of recent reform, was recently featured in Franchising USA magazine. Franchise owners especially are poised to take advantage of tax incentives available

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Iowa capital gains deduction update

The State of Iowa is now disallowing self-rentals as part of the capital gain deduction unless there is physical proof of material participation. This means the State wants to examine lease agreements, business calendars, logs, invoices

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