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Manufacturing & Distribution


We love to work with people who make and move things. Manufacturers and distributors drive our economy and have unique business and tax opportunities that Honkamp Krueger enjoys helping them uncover. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the way manufacturers and distributors do business, and staying ahead of the curve is paramount. It’s an industry like no other.

At Honkamp Krueger, our manufacturing and distribution team has vast industry experience,  placing us in a position to uncover these opportunities to the delight of our customers.

HK focuses on the following important issues for manufacturers and distributors:

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Nick Nauman, CPA, Partner

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“Honkamp Krueger knows my business. They have developed relationships with my people and are always easy to access when I need them. Their knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing industry, as well as the complexity of my business’s production and process time, saves me time and money. I don’t need to explain my operation over and over because they already know how it works, and we are able to work seamlessly together to solve any issues.”

Tom Uelner, President
F. H. Uelner Precision Tools & Dies

 “We initially chose Honkamp Krueger because of their reputation amongst our business associates and close business advisors. What we have come to value most is the personal attention we receive from each of their team members. They are by our side coaching us in both good times and bad.

The impact HK has had on Industrial Control Manufacturing has been tremendous. With partner Jon Thoms’ help, we have focused our financial priorities. Additionally, we use Jon as a sounding board for ideas and major projects to make sure we are headed in the right direction.”

Mark Pauly, Owner/President
Industrial Control Manufacturing

 “Our business had a long history with Doyle & Keenan, which was always a great relationship for us as they understood and knew our business very well. Since the merge with HK, there has been an even greater increase in depth in terms of services offered and the knowledge available from the larger staff whom we can tap into. I appreciate that I can reach out with an HR-based question, for example, and get help. The people we work with are always great.

Additionally, HK has put us in touch with an outside firm for our R&D studies, which has allowed us to solidify our processes for claiming R&D credits. I appreciate that they will go outside the firm and make suggestions for the greatest impact to our business.

There’s always a common-sense approach to everything. Even when I get worried about an issue, HK is there to provide perspective and a solution. Their in-depth knowledge of us and the manufacturing industry allows them to bring more insights to the table. I know we can work together, no matter what the circumstances, to determine the right course of action for our business.”

Kari Jewell, CFO
Jewell Group

“As one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world, MARSHALLTOWN was searching for a CPA firm partner that was proactive with low-risk tax reduction strategies and an efficient approach to conducting audits. All with a value-added attitude on the business-side.

We chose Honkamp Krueger for three main reasons. First, the partner team came to the table with a partner-approach and a Midwest-style attitude. Second, the tax partner brought the tax strategies we were looking for in an open, up-front manner, not afraid to lose the business by showing HK’s full-hand of cards. Finally, the audit partner presented an audit model built on efficiency and taking into account the low-risk profile of MARSHALLTOWN.

The HK team has acted as a trusted partner to MARSHALLTOWN by being available for questions and concerns I have about the business, and I get access to the best people at HK when needed. It also made a great impression to the MARSHALLTOWN management team when the HK team showed up to our 125 year anniversary on a wet and ugly day in August. That is how long-term partnerships are formed.”

Jeff Rasmussen, Controller

 “We value Honkamp Krueger’s straightforward approach and appreciate the overwhelming financial savings they have found for us. Through their expertise in tax and the manufacturing industry, they recovered over $27,000 in sales and use tax overpayments, and we will save an additional $500-750 per month going forward. The entire process was simple and the experience was great, taking very little time on our end.

We also appreciate that it is easy to get ahold of someone who can help when we need it; they have many layers of knowledgeable people in place to answer our questions. We highly recommend their services to those in our industry.”

Ryan DeBarr, Controller
Miracle Tools America, LLC

 “The best part of working with Honkamp Krueger is the wide variety of services they provide. From accounting to payroll to HR services, they are a perfect partner for a small business. They provide us industry expertise when our size doesn’t allow us those services in house.

The real value for a manufacturing business working with HK is all of the services offered under one roof. For a small to mid-size business, you can take advantage of services like HR without adding to your headcount. Also, the different services provided from cost segregation to sales tax analysis to international tax accounting, are usually beyond the financial reach of a company our size. HK reduces liabilities and tax burdens while saving small businesses money up front.”

Peter Strothkamp, Vice President
Refractory Insulation & Supply, Inc.

“Our audit, tax and consulting team at Honkamp Krueger are highly professional and knowledgeable. They deliver within our timeframe, turn around quality financials, provide insightful consulting and look for every opportunity to save tax dollars. They understand our complicated manufacturing and dairy business, and we value how it all comes together.”

Tom Stitgen, CFO
Schoep’s Ice Cream Co., Inc.

“We chose HKP because the program is easy to use and met the needs we had when looking for a workforce management system. The staff is very helpful and listens to our suggestions for changes. If feasible, they will implement the change for us, and if not, they provide an explanation and submit a program rewrite suggestion to the developer. We appreciate their follow-through. Overall, the system has streamlined our processes and provides great data that is easy to access for reports.”

Suzanne Abel
HR Manager, American Profol, Inc.

“HKP offers a robust system with all the functionality we could want. The system provides a wealth of information and is user-friendly, making it easy for me to get all the information I need. Plus, their tax credit program has saved us a lot of time and increased our credits tremendously. The reporting is timely, and the new online platform makes the process very efficient. 

Additionally, the customer service has been exceptional from implementation to day-to-day requests. Our experience has been so good, we also engaged HKFS to support our retirement plan.” 

Dawn M. Ballard, CPA
Vice President of Finance & Administration, Uniparts Olsen, Inc.