Governance, Risk & Compliance

When you are addressing your organization’s compliance and risk, you need a CPA firm you can trust. Honkamp has more than 60 years of experience delivering peace of mind to business owners and executives, assisting them with compliance requirements and reducing risk in the workplace.

With the many regulations regarding compliance and reporting to governing bodies, regulatory compliance can be confusing, overwhelming and very costly.

Honkamp’s team of dedicated professionals will help you navigate today’s most challenging compliance issues using a streamlined and knowledgeable approach for both large private and publicly traded companies. Our team specializes in the unique and complex compliance needs. We will offer best practices and help you navigate complex regulations, while striving to provide valuable insights about how to streamline your compliance programs to avoid costly inefficiencies.

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Fraud & Forensics Services
Honkamp’s fraud and forensics services division can help identify and reduce opportunities for fraud by reviewing your internal audit procedures, recommending anti-fraud internal controls and conducting procedure reviews.

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Internal Audit

Every year, businesses lose money because of fraud and ineffective governance procedures. While some risks seem obvious, many are difficult for leaders within a business to identify. An internal audit by Honkamp will help you assess and mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve the efficiency of your operations. 

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Quality Assessment Reviews

When you choose Honkamp to be your quality assessment partner, your external assessment experience will include an organized, efficient and thoughtful process. Our team goes beyond just the technical requirements, providing educational feedback and suggestions for improvements that are right-sized to your organization.

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