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We’re in the business...of helping yours

Community Involvement

Honkamp Krueger is extremely proud of our employees’ involvement in their communities.

Community Service Committee

To lead in our charitable efforts, we have a community service committee which is dedicated to finding ways our employees can contribute time, money and goods to those in need. Their philosophy is:

“Each of us, on a daily basis, offer small kindness whether we realize we are doing it or not. It may be something as simple as opening a door, bringing a co-worker a cup of coffee, or watching someone else’s children while they visit a sick relative. All of these things serve to make a difference in someone’s life.”

“The employees of Honkamp Krueger take those simple kindnesses to the next level to support our community’s charities as well as individuals who may have experienced some personal hardships. Our time, money, resources and items to each community service project make a difference in hundreds of people’s lives.”


Ways our employees contribute to the community:
  • Over 25 charities each year receive cash, food, clothing and other donations from our Dress For Your Day, in which employees may wear jeans for contributing to the charity of the week
  • Staff members dedicate time to run bingo at local retirement communities
  • Blood drives are well attended each year
  • Every staff member is encouraged to dedicate their time and talents to a local organization, whether it is a charity or a business association
In addition to our organized involvement, many staff members give time to their personal causes that they hold near and dear to their hearts. Our firm’s employees are well-known in the community for their giving spirits. Thank you to all who participate!