Your franchise lays a sturdy foundation, providing you with the basic building blocks to start your business. In order for it to support your growth and success, you need a strong mortar holding those blocks together. That’s where we come in. Honkamp, P.C. collaborates to provide that mortar-filling in all the services necessary for you to succeed.

Seamless integration

Your franchise has a proven model for the exterior and customer interface portion of your business, but your success depends largely on your independent activities — the ones that take place behind the scenes. While the franchise outlines your front-of-house operations, Honkamp has your back. We work with you to create a comprehensive service package that meets all your needs. Our integrated solutions provide one convenient resource to protect and grow your brand.

Financial management

Honkamp brings you the expertise and outstanding customer service of a Top 10 Midwest CPA and business consulting firm to help you better understand and improve your business’s financial performance. Our benchmarking services ensure your business improves its performance by recognizing industry best practices. To our accountants, your financials are more than just tables and charts, they’re your livelihood. Your CPA will review your financial statements with you each month, walking you through what the numbers mean so you can make sound business decisions.

Consulting services

We can help you with other business projects as they come along. Whether it’s strategic planning, research and experimentation (R&E), wealth management, software consulting or a myriad of other services, Honkamp has the tools and experience to help.

Owner-to-owner relationship

We live in the franchising world and understand the franchisee’s perspective. You’ll receive partner involvement at every turn, enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship with owners who take a stake in your business.

Bringing it all together

Managing administrative tasks, keeping track of financial information and planning for the future, all while overseeing day-to-day operations makes your position as a business owner a daunting one. Honkamp tailors a comprehensive service package to meet your needs, bringing everything under one roof to reduce the clutter of your to-do list.

Honkamp has significant and deep knowledge surrounding the franchise industry. Partnering with hundreds of restaurants throughout the United States, Honkamp is the go-to accounting firm for franchisee business owners and franchisor organizations. Along with our strategic wealth management affiliate, Avantax Planning PartnersSM, Honkamp specializes in the development of sound financial plans that outline obtainable goals and details the steps to help you reach those goals. 

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