Accounting & Assurance

While most CPA firms provide basic accounting/bookkeeping, audits, reviews and compilations, very few go above and beyond to provide insightful and proactive recommendations for improving business operations. At Honkamp, we understand you are not only looking for accurate, timely compliance work, but also a partner who will coach you through what your numbers mean and how you can use this information to reach and exceed your business goals.

Explore our accounting and assurance section to discover how we’re in the business of helping yours. 


From startups to Fortune 500 businesses, Honkamp can help with your comprehensive accounting needs. Our CPAs' proactive work will help you make informed business decisions.

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At Honkamp, we go beyond the numbers and will deliver assurance that your financial information provides the proper foundation for your business decisions. Unlike other firms, we also look for ways to help you to improve your operational and financial practices. You will receive recommendations for improvement on these fronts in addition to your standard audit service.

We understand that your challenges are unique to your business and industry, and we will work to gain insight on your specific needs to help you achieve your goals. Honkamp offers audits, reviews, compilations and employee benefit plan audits.

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Benchmarking allows you to compare your business to others in your industry, analyze your processes and establish baselines and best practices. It also can identify opportunities for improvement.

With benchmarking services from Honkamp, you receive: 

  • actionable steps and baselines
  • a proven platform to see all your data and benchmarks in real time. 

No more lost or forgotten strategic plans and goals. When all your data is housed in one place, it’s easier to assess the best way to move forward. Honkamp helps you discover your strengths as well as opportunities to help your business reach optimal performance.

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Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis

Whether you’re confident in your business’s profitability or you’re not sure if the cash is going to hold up, a cash flow and budgeting analysis will provide the peace of mind and planning you need to keep your business in the black. Honkamp will analyze your unique situation and provide tailored recommendations for building a sustainable cash flow and budget process.

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When you need a financial statement compilation, you want a partner that understands your business, your industry and the related financial reporting requirements. While some accountants can perform compilations, not just any CPA firm can provide the industry-specific knowledge required to perform a compilation that meets your specific needs. With Honkamp, you also will receive guidance related to your financial statements and how they function for your goals.

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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Employee benefit plan audits require thorough knowledge and experience due to the complex set of regulatory standards established by the Department of Labor. But we’ve got you covered. Honkamp’s team is accurate, accountable and timely, with the knowledge to understand the unique standards required for an acceptable employee benefit plan audit. As a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center for CPA firms, we strive for the highest quality standards in employee benefit audits.

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Financial Forecasts, Projections and Modeling

Your historical financial information not only provides insight into past performance but can serve as a springboard for gaining insight into the future.

Honkamp’ s financial forecast, projections and modeling services use your historical results as a base for designing models that show potential future outcomes if your organization were to grow or contract and continue to follow historical trends. Based on the results of those initial assumptions, Honkamp help you review your operating results, working capital requirements, cash flows and other key financial metrics for your business and industry.

Our modeling technique will illustrate the impact that changes in certain financial metrics and benchmarks might have on your income, working capital and cash flows. We will identify strategies that might help you attain your desired results to hit those new financial benchmarks, metrics and objectives.

Our financial forecast, projections and modeling services will help you make informed decisions regarding strategies and investments required to sustain your company’s performance and achieve your financial objectives and goals.

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Peer Review for CPA Firms

Our peer review team focuses not only on providing you with your peer review report, but also focuses on providing efficiency suggestions and insightful quality control recommendations. Our team is also available to assist with corrective action or implementation plans.

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Quality Control Services for CPA Firms

Honkamp’s knowledgeable and forward-thinking team of quality control experts take a consultative and personal approach to assisting you with your system of quality control that goes beyond technical compliance and provides educational feedback. We can assist you in all areas of quality control to help you improve the design and operating effectiveness of your system of quality control.

We provide a full range of quality control services including:

  • General QC Help & QC Office Support
  • Independence
  • Engagement Letters and Client Acceptance
  • Pre-Issuance GAAP Engagement Performance
  • Post-Issuance Review/Compilation/Preparation Compliance Inspection
  • Tax Compliance Inspection
  • Tax Planning Opportunities (Tax Gap)
  • Other Functional Monitoring (Human Resources, CPE)

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With review services from Honkamp, you can make better business decisions with timely and accurate data. No more guesswork or wondering if your accounting processes are efficiently meeting your needs.

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QuickBooks Support & Consulting

The knowledgeable and friendly QuickBooks-certified professionals at Honkamp will help you master your business’s bookkeeping and get the most out of your QuickBooks platform.

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