Manufacturing & Distribution

We love to work with people who make and move things. Manufacturers and distributors drive our economy and have unique business and tax opportunities that Honkamp enjoys helping them uncover. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the way that manufacturers and distributors do business, and staying ahead of the curve is paramount.

At Honkamp, our manufacturing and distribution team has vast industry experience, placing us in a unique position to be an asset to your business. We focus on the following important issues for manufacturers and distributors:

  • Preparing for the new revenue recognition standards by the FASB and IASB
  • Hiring auditors with extensive experience in the manufacturing space
  • Knowing where you stand financially with timely and accurate monthly accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Being proactive and strategic with tax planning and preparation
  • Sorting through confusing sales and use tax issues, especially with multi-state involvement
  • Recouping lucrative, timely business and expansion tax credits often left on the table
  • Understanding Nexus issues when shipping to other states
  • Offering a beneficial retirement plan
  • Planning for the next generation of managers and owners
  • Choosing and implementing the best software/technology
  • Addressing the private equity groups pounding on your door

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