Cedar Rapids Endodontics, P.C.

“The HK Brush Up Review came at a perfect time for us. We’d been frustrated with some of the guidance we’d been receiving for the last year and were starting to feel like we were being left to react to everything that came our way. When Honkamp Krueger approached us with the offer for the review, it was a no-brainer.

The review served as an audit for us. We were able to see where we’d been approaching things the right way, and where we could approach things differently. It was convenient, and HK was clear in the information they needed from us and made it easy to transfer.

The review and working with HK have already made an impact on our practice by reducing the stress on our office manager and relieving us from a lot of math, which is not our specialty.

Our relationship with HK is in its infancy, but we have appreciated the honesty and straight-forward guidance to this point. HK offers all-inclusive solutions with specialized offerings that suit our needs and industry.

I’d definitely recommend the HK Brush Up Review to others in dentistry, no matter the field. It was clear that HK’s more dental-focused approach will provide our practice with a lot of benefits. We’re excited to move forward with them.”