Jewell Group

 “Our business had a long history with Doyle & Keenan, which was always a great relationship for us as they understood and knew our business very well. Since the merge with HK, there has been an even greater increase in depth in terms of services offered and the knowledge available from the larger staff whom we can tap into. I appreciate that I can reach out with an HR-based question, for example, and get help. The people we work with are always great.

Additionally, HK has put us in touch with an outside firm for our R&D studies, which has allowed us to solidify our processes for claiming R&D credits. I appreciate that they will go outside the firm and make suggestions for the greatest impact to our business.

There’s always a common-sense approach to everything. Even when I get worried about an issue, HK is there to provide perspective and a solution. Their in-depth knowledge of us and the manufacturing industry allows them to bring more insights to the table. I know we can work together, no matter what the circumstances, to determine the right course of action for our business.”