Johnston Dental

“I value the relationship that’s developed between me
and my HK partner, Ron Stallman. Ron is not only
personable, but he also allows me to customize my
work with him. I still handle some of the day-to-day
aspects of my business, but Ron is there to assist
with more complex matters which makes for a great
working balance.

As our practice has grown, Ron has been there for
us every step of the way. He is instrumental in our
growth and development. When we needed to
decide whether to lease a space or build a new office,
Ron laid out all of our options, predicted the time
line and even calculated the cost overruns. He made
sure we were prepared.

When I hear about other dentists’ horror stories of
getting slammed with taxes, I am so grateful for Ron
who has taken such good care of us. When I read
an article on tax implications, it’s no surprise to me
because Ron has already clued me in. There are never
any surprises, and he’s been amazingly accurate at
predicting our future growth. Everyone who has ever
used Ron based on my recommendation has greatly
appreciated the referral.”