“As one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world, MARSHALLTOWN was searching for a
CPA firm partner that was proactive with low-risk tax reduction strategies and an efficient
approach to conducting audits. All with a value-added attitude on the business-side.

We chose Honkamp Krueger for three main reasons. First, the partner team came to the
table with a partner-approach and a Midwest-style attitude. Second, the tax partner brought the tax strategies we were looking for in an open, up-front manner, not afraid to lose the business by showing HK’s full-hand of cards. Finally, the audit partner presented an audit model built on efficiency and taking into account the low-risk profile of MARSHALLTOWN.

The HK team has acted as a trusted partner to MARSHALLTOWN by being available for
questions and concerns I have about the business, and I get access to the best people at HK when needed. It also made a great impression to the MARSHALLTOWN management team when the HK team showed up to our 125 year anniversary on a wet and ugly day in August. That is how long-term partnerships are formed.”