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Decision Support Services

How quickly could you reach your growth goals if your company was properly aligned with a clear vision for the future?


Our Process


Through this facilitated discovery session, your leadership team will be able to consistently communicate your individual vision and growth aspirations and work toward alignment of your organization’s vision.

Strategic Planning Meeting

Your strategic planning meeting is tailored to your needs and desired results. Our decision support consultants work with you to bring clarity and focus to your vision and aspirations, understand your big ideas and big opportunities, establish intermediate milestones and long-term targets, and develop a practical, measurable, and actionable plan to move your company vision forward.

During this strategic planning meeting, we will conduct a financial focus walk-through, discussing trends and ratios over five years of your financial data. This analysis will allow your leadership team to form a shared five-year financial vision, including long-term objectives, outlining three-year milestones and one-year goals.

Follow up Meeting / Finalize Roadmap

A plan is no good without action. Therefore, a separate meeting is scheduled post-planning to ensure your roadmap to success is practical, the deadlines are realistic, the communication to your employees is handled appropriately and our role in assisting with implementation and accountability is clear.

Quarterly Accountability

As your accountability partner, the decision support services team meets with you and your team quarterly (at a minimum) to ensure the completion of your specific tasks outlined in your roadmap are in order to achieve your goals. Along with celebrating your successes, the annual review also provides outside accountability, perspective and inspiration for pressing onward and exploring new possibilities through a culture of continuous business planning and constant improvement.

Team Alignment Workshops

We believe communication is key when teams work together on daily business or to move special initiatives forward. Using the language of DISC, we help teams understand each individual member’s unique communication and leadership style. The TTI Talent Insights® report also includes information on motivators, tips for management and ideal environment for each participant.

Our Guarantee / What You Will Get
  • A clear picture of your finances and what it will take to grow your business and reach your initiatives.
  • A five-page business plan that articulates your vision, mission, core values, ideal market, five-year, three-year and one-year goals.
  • A Roadmap with objectives and key results of financial and non-financial metrics.
  • A trusted HK strategic advisor, experienced in facilitating strategic plan and accountability, backed by a team of subject matter experts for all parts of your business.
  • A Personalized Talent Insights reports paired with facilitated debrief discussions and graphics to help understand your leadership and communication style compared to members of your team as well as your unique strengths and motivators.
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