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Decision Support Services

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are often faced with similar problems: shrinking margins, lack of employee engagement, inefficient and/or outdated processes, and inadequate growth. Decisions are delayed or made too often by gut and fail to be implemented properly. Fortunately, there is a solution. It’s not complicated and can be tailored to your needs.


Decision Support Services

Decision support services is a practical and efficient method, built specifically for you and your business to achieve the success you have always desired. More and more companies are using our decision support services every day to successfully plan, implement and manage strategic objectives that lead to increased profits and decreased frustrations in running their business – and you can, too.

Why decision support services?

  • Your time is valuable. Our process is efficient and impactful, ensuring your time and energy is used wisely.
  • Your vision is unique. Decision support services is not a one-size-fits-all strategy but, instead, a stimulated thought process. This process leads your team along a logical path allowing you to discover and communicate your vision and take the steps necessary to turn vision into reality.
  • Your ROI is our ROI. By properly prioritizing and allocating time and resources, you can rest assured your plan will be focused on the goals and objectives most important to your future success.
  • You are not alone. Ongoing support and accountability is key to the success of this program. Your dedicated decision support services team, alongside your trusted advisor, will provide sustainable focus through consistent check-ins and monitoring of your team’s progress.
  • Your future is in the data. Continuous monitoring of key data, both financial and non-financial, gives you an unbiased look at the effectiveness and impact of improvement strategies and provides the tools to create a culture of continuous improvement.
How it’s done

1. $COPE Assessment Survey: Ask the right questions ($ – Financial, C – Customers, O – Operations, P – People, E – End in Mind)

2. Discovery Session: Break down departmental silos and drive alignment

3. Planning Session(s): Design your roadmap

4. Follow Up Meeting: Fine-tune your plan and establish the implementation process

5. Ongoing Accountability: Stay focused

6. Continuous Business Planning: Celebrate success, apply what has been learned and update the plan

Those who engage with decision support services notice the overall health and performance of their company improve in a multitude of ways. Decision support helps clearly articulate your purpose, develop your leadership team and next generation, align your vision with the day-to-day operations of your business, energize and engage employees, and more. Contact us to get started.

Articles on decision support services

“Our experience with HK’s decision support service was very beneficial and definitely worth the investment. We’re great at being IT support and engineers, but we needed help with the business side of our operation. In a way, HK essentially became part of our company as they trained us on the more in-depth components of running a business.

Through the process, we shared everything about our company with HK, and they were never critical; they took the time to understand our business and suggested changes and improvements to our operations. Once we implemented those changes, they provided the accountability we needed to follow through on every step of the process in our timeline.

One of the biggest eye-openers was discovering the volume of labor spent on projects was not being adequately priced through our contracts with clients. HK helped make us aware of these discrepancies, and now we are putting more time into quoting our engagements to make sure the pricing matches the hours invested to ensure we still achieve our desired margin.

We would definitely recommend HK’s decision support service to other business owners. It all comes down to efficiency. When you’re involved in the daily operations, you don’t realize the inefficiencies you could have within your business. In the end, HK’s decision support team was able to provide real, actionable solutions to help us improve our processes and become more efficient and more profitable.”

Roger Tyson, Owner, TC Networks

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