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Individual Tax Planning & Preparation

Your individual tax plan should be as unique as you are. Out-of-the-box individual tax plans will not work for you. They do not take into account your goals, challenges or time horizons. Honkamp Krueger listens to you and your needs to provide individual tax planning and preparation services that are as unique as you are.


Individual Tax Planning & Preparation

No two individual taxpayers are alike, and at Honkamp Krueger, we recognize your situation is not the same as your neighbors. While other individual tax planning and preparation providers may be able to perform the necessary compliance for you, HK goes beyond checking those boxes to ensure your plan is proactive and meaningful.

The tax landscape is constantly changing, and the professionals at HK work hard to ensure your individual tax plan is being optimized at every turn. No stone or deduction goes unturned, and you can rest assured when we make changes to your tax plan you will know the when, why and how of it all.

Tax services available include:
Tax planning
Tax preparation
Tax research & consulting
Tax representation – IRS & State
Real estate taxation
Personal property tax issues
Estate and trust services

When you call us, you’ll get a real person who takes the time to listen and find the answers to the questions you seek. Our clients rave about the world-class customer service they experience from HK because they know each of our professionals cares about their wellbeing and makes time to listen and follow through on any questions or concerns. Not just any CPA firm can say that.

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