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Life Transition Services

How can you be sure your retirement plan will hold up for the long term? How do you manage your monthly and annual obligations while still staying on track? With life transition services from Honkamp Krueger, you receive the guidance you need to enjoy the next phase of life.


Life Transition Services

Retirement planning doesn’t stop once you’ve left the workplace. Ensuring you can meet your goals and plan for yours and your family’s takes consistent and diligent maintenance. The professionals at Honkamp Krueger can help you stay on task so that your retirement plan carries you forward long-term.

With life transition services from Honkamp Krueger, you receive:
  • Cash flow analysis, lifetime planning, retirement affordability
  • Social Security/Medicare planning
  • Long-term care consulting
  • Life insurance reviews
  • TaxGap analysis
  • Tax return preparation & planning
  • Personal financial statements – Periodic net worth/balance sheet
  • Bill pay
  • Trust/estate planning
  • End of life planning

You can rest assured your needs are taken care of by professionals you know and trust.

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