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With review services from Honkamp Krueger, you can make better business decisions with timely and accurate data. No more guesswork and no more wondering if your accounting processes are efficiently meeting your needs.



With review services from Honkamp Krueger, you will receive limited assurance that your accounting records are accurate allowing you to use data to analyze the opportunities within your business. Honkamp Krueger goes beyond compliance to provide you with additional insights into your company’s financial processes. HK will look for opportunities to improve processes and strengthen controls during the review, and will share recommendations with you. HK provides:

  • Professional assistance to ensure your records are accurate to enable you to make better, data-informed decisions
  • Recommendations from HK’s vast knowledge base to improve the efficiency of your company’s accounting team
  • Professionals who are familiar with your industry and can provide insight into industry accounting practices and reporting requirements
  • A personal CPA resource for all your accounting questions
  • Assurance that your financial statements properly reflect your results and contain appropriate disclosures based on your reporting framework (generally accepted accounting principles, tax basis, etc.)

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