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Tax Representation – IRS & State

Honkamp Krueger takes the stress out of your audit experience by handling your state or IRS audit from beginning to end, allowing you to keep up with business as usual.


Tax Representation – IRS & State

An audit from the IRS or state can be a stressful and daunting task for business owners, CFOs and controllers. Many audits are the result of a change in the business or are random selections and not due to inappropriate activity. Regardless, the experience may still cause significant stress on a business owner and his or her employees potentially interrupting workflow. Honkamp Krueger makes it our business to personally handle your IRS or state audit experience from beginning to end, allowing you to continue to conduct business as usual.

After your initial contact from the agency, you can feel comfortable knowing HK has the audit under control and will see the process through every step of the way. HK’s organized and knowledgeable audit staff has established a reputation with agencies for providing accurate and relevant information and cooperative consultation on behalf of our clients. This allows for a quick and efficient process, taking the burden off of the business owner. We will lead the conversation with the agency on your behalf, while keeping your interests top-of-mind.

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