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Dentists must wear a multitude of hats to successfully run their practices while providing world-class oral care to their patients. As an industry leader for dental practices, Honkamp Krueger understands most dentists want to focus on practicing their profession rather than running a business. That’s why we specialize in offering comprehensive business solutions to dental practices that allow our dental clients to maximize their time on patient care and minimize their time running the business.

Solutions for our dental practice clients include:

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“The best asset at Honkamp Krueger is my access to an entire team of business professionals. The level of collaboration between my accounting team, my payroll team and my financial service team is unmatched.

I find value in being able compare my overhead expenses, office collection and office production to other practices they advise. This helps me spot trends, find weaknesses, and locate potentials for practice growth. They can provide this service because many dental practices trust them.

I, like all dentists, work incredibly hard for my money, and Honkamp Krueger helps me hold onto my money and plan for my family’s future.”

Clinton Berryman, D.D.S.,
Berryman Family Dentistry

“The personal attention I receive from Honkamp Krueger stands out the most to me. I have no finance or business background, and they take the time to make sure I understand reports and simplify the complex issues.

Their knowledge of the dental industry is impressive. They just get it. Whether it is helping with the daily business operation, monthly reports, annual statements or retirement planning, they are pros at every level. Every interaction with HK is professional, and the staff are always pleasant and provide great service. I feel very comfortable with any situation that arises and I have complete confidence in HK’s experienced team of employees.”

Erin Bierie, Office Manager
Bierie Dental

“We have worked with Honkamp Krueger since we first opened in 1978. All of the staff is professional and efficient, and we appreciate the quality of customer service.

HK’s knowledge of other dental offices and industry knowledge has given us the extra confidence over the years to expand with a new office space, new equipment and additional staff. It is a very good feeling knowing we have a reliable, professional accounting firm helping us make decisions. We recommend HK to all of our friends.”

Carol Murray, Office Manager
Exceptional Dentistry

“I value that Honkamp Krueger is a one-stop shop for my dental practices business needs. Monthly financial statements not only give me a snapshot as to where I am in any given month, but also allows my accountant to do tax planning prior to the end of the fiscal year. This allows me to predictably plan equipment purchases, practice acquisitions, and employee/employer retirement contributions.

On the payroll side, the staff at HKP are friendly and completely professional with my staff in the day-to-day operations of my practice, and they are a great resource for any HR questions that arise.

Overall, HK has been instrumental in the growth of my dental practice. I have evolved from a one-doctor, four-person staff in a 900-square-foot office with three exam rooms, to a four-doctor, 25-person staff in a 10,000-square-foot space with 15 exam rooms. HK has been there to advise me, as well as my banking and legal teams, on the tax ramifications in purchasing four separate practices over several years and placing them in one location. It gives me peace of mind that I am working with an organization that has my best interests at heart in all aspects of my dental practices.”

William May, D.D.S.
Langworthy Family Dental

“Honkamp Krueger has been providing accounting, payroll and business counseling for me for over 10 years. I have two dental practices. Their expertise has been invaluable to me in managing my practices. Greg Burbach and Katie Thomas are two of the smartest business people I know. I value their advice. Honkamp is an outstanding partner in business. Their recommendations are spot on. It’s especially nice having all the services under one roof. Accounting, payroll, consulting and retirement planning are available in one pace. Integration is seamless. You are not just a number with them. You are a valued partner. This is why they are such a fast growing firm. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me and my business. I value their friendship as much as their expertise.”

Dr. Brian James, D.D.S.,
Monticello Family Dentistry, P.C.

“I chose to partner with HK for my practice’s needs because of the dependability of their office and the personal touch their accountants provide. They are reliable and always willing to help with all aspects of my business. I value being able to get quick answers to questions and resolutions to problems. Through HK, we’ve been able to increase growth and improve multiple facets of every-day business.”

Brad Millard, D.D.S.,
Summit Family Dental

“When it comes to doing business with Honkamp Krueger, I always feel like they have our best interests in mind. They help us make common-sense financial decisions to minimize overhead and maximize our efficiencies whenever possible. Everyone we work with is helpful and knowledgeable, and I feel like they really know and understand my dental practice. Whether it’s practice acquisition, setting up payroll or just running the business in general, HK is able to draw on their collective knowledge of the dental industry to help us find solutions that will work for our practice. I trust them on a personal and a business level, and working with them is really a no-brainer.”

Joe Wertz, D.D.S.,
Wertz & Wertz Dental Associates, P.C.

“I have worked with Honkamp Krueger for 37 years, and even though they have experienced tremendous growth in that time, my relationship with my trusted advisors hasn’t changed. I still feel I get personal treatment. HK has advised my dental practice on areas of finance, business growth, buying and selling, and just the general day-to-day aspects of running the business side of my practice. They have been a true partner for my practice and my overall experience has been great.”

Gary Strohmeyer, D.D.S.,
Windsor Hills Family Dentistry, P.C.

“I have been very pleased with the work performed by Honkamp Krueger’s Ron Stallman. In addition to his accounting acumen, Ron brings a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the dental industry. Ron assisted us with a cost segregation study on our new building, which ultimately proved to be a real cost savings for us by lowering our tax burden. HK has helped us get a better overview of our business with a cash flow analysis and they regularly offer advice. Ron and HK have definitely been an asset filling in a big piece of our business puzzle.”

Dr. Nicole Brummel,
Altoona Smiles, P.C.

“The HK Brush Up Review came at a perfect time for us. We’d been frustrated with some of the guidance we’d been receiving for the last year and were starting to feel like we were being left to react to everything that came our way. When Honkamp Krueger approached us with the offer for the review, it was a no-brainer.

The review served as an audit for us. We were able to see where we’d been approaching things the right way, and where we could approach things differently. It was convenient, and HK was clear in the information they needed from us and made it easy to transfer.

The review and working with HK have already made an impact on our practice by reducing the stress on our office manager and relieving us from a lot of math, which is not our specialty.

Our relationship with HK is in its infancy, but we have appreciated the honesty and straight-forward guidance to this point. HK offers all-inclusive solutions with specialized offerings that suit our needs and industry.

I’d definitely recommend the HK Brush Up Review to others in dentistry, no matter the field. It was clear that HK’s more dental-focused approach will provide our practice with a lot of benefits. We’re excited to move forward with them.”

Brandon Vos, D.D.S.,
Cedar Rapids Endodontics, P.C.

“Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to
know Ron Stallman. I first reached out to IDS Dental Practice Transitions
and spoke with Ron during a meet and greet phone call in the spring of
2020. I was an associate dentist at the time and just beginning the process
of searching for a potential practice acquisition. Ron took the time to get
to know me on a personal level. I appreciate that he started with the end
in mind by asking about my vision for the future and how I wanted my
career to play out. Ron asked questions I had not considered and provoked
actionable steps to solidify my vision. He helped me understand the necessity
of having clarity in what I was looking for and how important it was to buy a
practice that aligned with my own personal vision.

After understanding what I was looking for, Ron and I put together a
blueprint for the type of practice that would fit my needs. We discussed
work-life balance, startups and acquisitions, solo and group models, number
of operatories, active patients, key performance indicators for predicting
growth potential, demographics and other factors. Throughout that spring
and summer, Ron followed up and shared several practice opportunities to
fit my blueprint. As it turned out, my discussions with Ron helped me solidify
my vision and I chose to purchase the office I was an associate in.

Shortly after the first practice acquisition, Ron reached out with another
practice opportunity he thought I might be interested in. He knew my goals
and continued to work from the established blueprint, and sure enough, I
wanted to pursue this opportunity.

Ron represented me through every step of the buying process – from
reviewing the financials of the practice, to going to bat for me with banks, to
making an offer, drafting the Letter of Intent, negotiating on my behalf and
finally closing the deal. He played a vital role in serving as a liaison with the
seller to ensure the sale stayed on track. The process was quick and easy.

In the months that followed, Ron continued to check in – sometimes for
tax and accounting advice, sometimes to share his wisdom for growing
practices and other times to serve as a sounding board for a new owner of
two practices. To say I recommend Ron as a buyers’ representative would be
an understatement. Truthfully, I would not choose anyone else. The entire
trajectory of my career and life changed thanks to Ron and IDS Transitions,
and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Ryan Frost, D.D.S.,
Greenfield Family Dentistry

“I value the relationship that’s developed between me
and my HK partner, Ron Stallman. Ron is not only
personable, but he also allows me to customize my
work with him. I still handle some of the day-to-day
aspects of my business, but Ron is there to assist
with more complex matters which makes for a great
working balance.

As our practice has grown, Ron has been there for
us every step of the way. He is instrumental in our
growth and development. When we needed to
decide whether to lease a space or build a new office,
Ron laid out all of our options, predicted the time
line and even calculated the cost overruns. He made
sure we were prepared.

When I hear about other dentists’ horror stories of
getting slammed with taxes, I am so grateful for Ron
who has taken such good care of us. When I read
an article on tax implications, it’s no surprise to me
because Ron has already clued me in. There are never
any surprises, and he’s been amazingly accurate at
predicting our future growth. Everyone who has ever
used Ron based on my recommendation has greatly
appreciated the referral.”

Lonnie Easter, D.D.S.,
Johnston Dental