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Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality


Despite an increase in consumer spending in the past five years, HK recognizes that profit margins in the retail, restaurant and hospitality industry continue to be slim. Also an increase in competition and trends toward healthy and sustainable practices put pressure on established brands. For over 60 years, HK has been helping retail stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc. succeed in the good times and the bad. Here’s how:

  • Quick turnaround times on financial statements so you can make real time decisions that have an effect on your business
  • Applying for and recouping employment tax credits, which are readily available in high turnover industries
  • Benchmarking services so you can see how you are performing against your peers and yourself in a previous time period
  • Strategic business planning to advise on keeping your costs down and new ways to grow your business, such as adding on additional units/stores/locations

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