Construction Site Compensation

Business insights: Compensation reports for key construction positions

April 21, 2023

In a highly competitive industry, accurate compensation information can be essential to crafting an offer that lands or retains an employee.

This report highlights the latest compensation research for three critical construction positions. The data will allow companies in the industry to be well-positioned as they seek to attract and keep talent.

The report is presented by Honkamp, P.C. in conjunction with CICPAC and PAS, Inc. Honkamp recently was invited to join CICPAC, the leading association for CPAs and consultants in the U.S. construction industry.

Honkamp now is one of less than 80 firms nationwide to be a member of CICPAC – and just the second such firm to be headquartered in Iowa. Member firms can connect and share resources, as well as implement new initiatives to serve our clients in the industry.

Read the report here: 2023 CICPAC Compensation Report

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