Dive deeper into Core Values with Driving Forces

May 24, 2021

Your business has many moving parts. There are several skill sets and personalities involved in your success and productivity. With all the business buzz words floating around lately, how will you frame your Core Values discussion within your company? How will you ensure that you represent the full embodiment of your company's core values and communicate that to your people and customers?

TTI Success Insights® has expanded upon Eduard Spranger's six motivators, adding two sides of each continuum to better explain the diverse motivators driving ourselves and our teammates. Identifying these driving forces is the first step to unlocking your team's true potential. When your driving forces are being fed, you are energized and engaged. Based on the findings of a 2013 State of the American Workforce Report by Gallup, organizations with higher than average levels of employee engagement realize:

  • 50% higher customer loyalty levels
  • 27% higher profits
  • 50% higher sales
  • 38% above average productivity

By asking yourself the big questions during your organization's strategic planning, you can represent the full spectrum of unique motivators that make up your team. What are the driving forces behind what you do?

How does your company assign value to their resources?

Are you conservative, taking care to maximize productivity and return on investment? Or perhaps your organization expends resources freely toward achieving a goal, regardless of the cost of time, effort or resources. Depending on where you fall on this spectrum, your organization could be motivated toward being Resourceful or Selfless.

How does your company tackle challenges?

When faced with a challenge, how does your team respond? Are they receptive to new methods? Are you in constant pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake? Does your team enjoy intellectual discovery? Conversely, you could have a team that must be comfortable acting quickly, analyzing the situation and jumping in before all facts are gathered. Can your team rely on tradition and the structures they have put in place with their many years of expertise to get the job done? How you answer these questions will determine how your team is motivated by Knowledge and Methodologies.

What type of environment is required for your organization to run smoothly?

Knowing the type of environment that gets your team motivated is a big key to your organization's success. Perhaps you are in customer service and your clients call you for support on their software. It is likely that the calls come in unexpectedly, that a lot of the calls require urgent solutions and that to handle your customer questions, you run a large call center. In this example, you would need to be able to work in chaos, to look at issues as a sum of their parts, breaking down each piece for the best solutions for your clients. It is likely in this scenario; your team members would be motivated by objectivity.

But what if the value of your organization is in the experience you provide to your customers? Say you run a spa or an upscale restaurant. You will most likely pay attention to details like lighting, music and decor to create an experience for your clients. When motivated by Harmony, your team will thrive in this environment. Your marketing materials should emphasize the importance of balance, ambiance and atmosphere to attract customers also motivated by Harmonious surroundings.

Whether you are driven by serving others, providing an experience, expressing your individuality, or pioneering new ideas, driving forces can help you to define these ideas for better communication to your team and your customers. Identifying your driving forces helps bring focus to the Core Value discussion for your organization. Can you incorporate the driving forces of your executive team? Do you understand what motivates your key employees?

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