Why born in the cloud construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is essential for optimal business growth

October 5, 2020

In today's technologically driven society, companies are growing quickly, meaning software systems have to evolve even faster to keep up. It's simply not enough to be a good business yet still operate under outdated systems; competitors are catching up and the evolution of online software has made access to necessary data easier, faster and more cost-efficient. Unfortunately, many companies are still operating under old and outdated programing, slowing their business processes and surrendering potential positive outcomes. This article discusses how born in the cloud software can help businesses combat outdated systems and meet core needs.

What is an ERP?
Cloud-based software, or cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), are systems located in the cloud (a secure, protected environment accessed via the internet) on third party servers. Gone are the days of needing to buy, maintain and upgrade a server in your facility. With a cloud ERP, you simply type a web address into any browser on any internet enabled device and are immediately connected and have access to your data without ongoing infrastructure headaches. Born in the cloud software can seamlessly handle anything from job cost accounting, payroll, project management and inventory, to managing your customer relationships without clunky interfaces and updates between outdated technologies. Cloud ERP software is essential to supporting the growth and future success of your company; it provides comprehensive, single-source data in real time, allows for collaboration across operations and accounting, and ensures all teams remain connected from any device at any time.

Having comprehensive software where all components are located within one system, allows the office and field team to have a "single source of the truth" with real time data. No need to log into separate systems to access project scheduling data and look at project financials, it's all under one login.

Having one central location for all information easily generates dashboards, slicing data to allow you to manage by exception and directing users to next actions. These functions eliminate enormous amounts of time reviewing and analyzing stagnate reports, which are immediately outdated once ran and exported. The same dashboards can be accessed on both mobile phones and tablets, giving your team the flexibility to be more proactive about changes in scope, assess impact to costs immediately and automatically send change orders to subcontractors/owners for review and approval; all of which will significantly reduce your profit fade.

While operations and accounting staff function in different locations, both need the same information to make smart decisions; a seamless and collaborative experience between the office and field is necessary for team integration and smoother workflows.

Imagine a field project manager at the job site adding a change order via a mobile phone or tablet. Immediately, the project superintendent gets a notification alerting them to the requested change in scope, which they can instantly review and act accordingly from anywhere with internet access. With all teams connected, visibility to the business and customers is transparent.

The ability to stay connected for every project and budget is extremely helpful when trying to operate in a modern construction landscape. To achieve this, all activities should be easily captured and tracked, including employee time, expenses and change orders; this functionality must be seamless across PCs, laptops and mobile devices to drive adoption. Forcing users to only access your ERP from a PC or laptop, which requires multiple logins or remote connections when they are not in the office, is a surefire way to never have up to date data. In today's world, instant access to data entry eliminates the "post-it note" and allows real time data to quickly get to decision makers.

Utilizing modern, born in the cloud technology will mean lower upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, and is easily accessed through any web/internet browser. Finding the right born in the cloud solution will also open access to many independent software vendors (ISVs) that offer "best of breed" applications, which flawlessly combines with your cloud ERP system to eliminate duplicate data entry and shares information across all platforms simultaneously. If your company is ready to achieve a new level of profitable growth, it's time to transition to a cloud software solution that can support you all the way.

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