Comprehensive Accounting

Experience the Honkamp difference with proactive, insightful and comprehensive accounting services from our Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Accurate and timely financial records are the key to business success, and we are here to ensure you have them.

The team at Honkamp will focus on summarizing and recording all your business transactions, so you can focus on using your financial data to manage your business and make informed decisions.

Your Job
Provide us with financial statements that present a snapshot of your company’s financial position during a given period. 

Our Job
Our team of CPAs will guide you through the valuable information contained in these financial statements (assets/liabilities, income/expenses and cash flows) to help you understand what it all means and how you can utilize it to reach your business goals.

Accounting Outsourcing 
Is your business short-staffed, is your current staff overworked, or are you looking to reallocate your internal resources? Let us help you out! By outsourcing your accounting to Honkamp, we will make your business run smoother and your life easier. 

With Honkamp:
  • You will consistently receive your financial information in a timely, accurate manner helping you make better business decisions.
  • You will have no tax surprises at the end of the year because we will help you with tax planning throughout the year.
  • You will be doing business with a firm that has the depth of knowledge, experience and resources to handle all of your financial needs.
  • Your time and the time of your staff can be freed up and reallocated to other projects. With our second set of eyes on your books, we can see where you can improve and make recommendations.
  • You can turn to us to work with third parties, such as bankers, for any financial needs you may have.
  • The risk of internal fraud or embezzlement may be reduced with an outside firm handling your finances.