Financial Focus

Our advisors work with you to identify and focus on pertinent financial information, keeping track of trends and creating meaningful comparisons. How could your business thrive with the benefit of a focused financial picture?

What it will show you:

  • Ratios with industry comparisons
  • Common sized information as a percentage of sales or total assets
  • Five years of historical information in one document
  • Compound annual growth rates
  • Five- and three-year averages

How it will help your business:

  • Assist with value gap
  • Plan for succession
  • Implement strategic or long-term planning
  • Know your gap and measure your gain

What it can be used for:

  • Revenue growth compared to gross profit and EBITDA growth – is it healthy growth?
  • Determine fixed and variable expenses
  • Compare yourself to best years
  • Easily allows you to build a one-year or longer-term financial model
  • Establish benchmarks or goals
  • Links financial and non-financial information (ie: FTEs, units, direct labor hours, margin analysis)
  • Assess risks

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