Strategic Planning

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the “right now.”  But long-term success comes to business leaders who are intentional about planning for the future. 

Whether you aim for future growth or just want to maintain your business’s current position, having a road map is critical. 

That's where Honkamp can help.

Our strategic and business planning services will provide you with that road map. Our experts will work with you to assess your business’s current financial performance, to determine your future goals and to provide actionable steps that can be taken to attain those goals. 

Let us help you answer big picture questions such as:

  • How is my business performing now and in comparison to my peers?
  • Where do I want my business to be in three to five years?
  • What do we need to do to achieve that level of success?
  • What are the things that matter the most to me and why?

Our process includes:

  • Identifying your strategic direction that captures the overall strategy of the company.
  • Developing focus areas related to your strategic direction and the execution of your strategic plan.
  • Establishing objectives and key results for each focus area
  • Identifying actions to achieve those results and assigning accountability.
  • Mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

When appropriate, we also can assist you with developing or revising your:

  • Vision and/or mission statement
  • Strategy statement
  • Core values

Remember: Long-term success doesn’t just happen, especially in today’s ever-changing economic climate. Our experts can help you lay out specific, intentional steps toward future success. 

What these services will show you

  • A five-year financial analysis of your balance sheets and income statements.
  • Your performance in relation to industry benchmarks and ratios.
  • The development or review of your business vision and/or mission statement.
  • The identification of core values, areas of focus, critical objectives and key results.

How will it help your business

  • Create a clear and compelling vision for your business.
  • Establish annual goals, three-year milestones and five-year targets.
  • Identify opportunities, dangers, strengths and “blind spots” impacting your business.
  • Establish specific objectives and key results.
  • Outline actionable steps and accountability to ensure you execute, adjust and adapt to attain your goals and meet your objectives.

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