Due Diligence

With decades of experience in M&A and an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience in business transitions, Honkamp’s professionals are equipped to tailor our due diligence services to the needs of your business transaction. We will get to the root of the business’s successes and challenges to show you where your potential opportunities and risks lie. 

We perform extensive research to ensure there aren’t any surprises when you get to the signing table and help you get ready for and navigate the entire purchasing process. 

With due diligence services from Honkamp, you will receive:

  • A review of financial statements and accounting practices that lays out potential compliance issues
  • An understanding of where the real cash flow is
  • The story behind the numbers to help you identify future potential opportunities and issues that could influence long-term return on investment

By utilizing due diligence services from Honkamp, you can move forward with your business transaction with confidence.


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