Internal Audit

Every year, businesses lose money because of fraud and ineffective governance procedures. While some risks seem obvious, many are difficult for leaders within a business to identify. An internal audit from an experienced firm will help you assess and mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve the efficiency of your operations. A Honkamp CPA who is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) will review some simple internal controls and provide recommendations to reduce your susceptibility to misappropriation. The Honkamp team goes beyond check-the-box compliance to provide objective insight and recommendations to strengthen your business foundation. 

Controlling risk

Risk comes in all shapes and sizes, and while some risk is necessary, it should be managed properly. Our team offers constructive feedback to prevent fraud, identify operational hazards and assess financial risk.

Ensuring compliance

Compliance with both external and internal standards is essential to your business’s success. Performing an internal audit will help ensure compliance is integrated in all your regular procedures, transforming compliance from a burden to part of your company culture.

Improving operations

An internal audit aligns the expectations of key stakeholders with the daily operations of the company. As an objective third party, our internal audit team can recommend ways to ensure your procedures help meet company goals and objectives.

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