Stress Quotient Survey & Work From Home Survey

Stress Quotient Survey

The Stress Quotient report helps you identify, define and better understand how stress impacts you as a leader in the workplace. Knowing the sources and triggers of your stress provides clarity when making high impact decisions.

The analysis measures the positive and negative effects related to stress along seven different factors (Demand, Effort/Reward Balance, Control, Organizational Change, Manager/Supervisor, Social Support, & Job Security). Measuring your stress quotient and the stress quotient of your team will help you uncover opportunities for improvement, attract and retain the right talent, and grow a healthy organization.

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Complimentary Stress Quotient Assessment

Work From Home Survey

Whether you are working from home or just returned to the office, how are you and your team adjusting to work from home arrangements? Based on your DISC style, the complimentary Work From Home report will help you identify your communication style.

The report provides tips on how to set yourself up for success during your work day (whether you are working from home or the office) and how to best communicate with others on your team who may have different work arrangements, needs and communication styles than you. DISC is a neutral language that helps describe our observable behavior, how we work and how we respond to challenges, contacts, pace and constraints.

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Complimentary Work From Home Assessment