Denny's Franchise Testimonial

“I got to know Honkamp Krueger through HKP, and when they offered a complimentary TaxGap Review, I took advantage of the opportunity. No one had reviewed my taxes prior to the TaxGap Review and having a second set of eyes was a huge advantage.

HK demonstrated that accounting can be viewed as conservative, moderate or aggressive and offered different options and made recommendations based on risk tolerance. HK uncovered some wonderful tax savings, and I anticipate we will continue to reap the advantages of a lesser tax burden for years to come.

I decided to move forward with HK with my accounting services as well and have been impressed with the professionalism, availability, knowledge and straight-forward answers I get from HK. I feel more in-tune with my business because I can see and understand everything going on behind the scenes. The in-house QuickBooks training was invaluable, and I appreciate the responsiveness of the entire team.

Working with HK has made an impact on my business on so many levels. I’ve never worked with such a cooperative and responsive company. I am seeing immediate and long-term tax savings, and I would definitely recommend HK and the TaxGap review to others in the franchise space.”

~Michael Bair, Owner
Denny’s Franchise


“In getting to know HK/HKP over the past couple of years, I have finally decided to make the move to work with them in many different facets. They really invested the time and effort to determine how I could utilize their services in the most cost-effective and beneficial way. For starters, they stepped in to fill my CFO position on a temporary basis which was an easy transition. Each Partner at HK/HKP possesses knowledge in vast niche areas, so I am continually provided with the specific expertise I need.

HK/HKP is handling my payroll, tax and tax credit services for all of my business interests. Bundling these services has proven to be such a benefit since all of the HK/HKP departments are completely in-sync with each other, and they continually collaborate to streamline my operations. I am looking forward to building a strong working relationship with HK/HKP in the years to come!”

~Anil Yadav, President & CEO
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner
400+ stores across several franchise concepts