“I have never encountered the level of customer service from an accounting firm that I have from Honkamp Krueger. After years of feeling like I was flying by the seat of my pants, I now have a much greater understanding of my business financials, and I no longer hold my breath waiting for that dreaded April phone call.  We have regularly scheduled calls throughout the year which enables us to plan and prepare accurately and efficiently. Jay and his team are consummate professionals, and I now have peace of mind knowing that I have a true partner in guiding and growing my business.”

~Barbara, Owner
Right at Home Franchise


“Since the tax credit program started in 2009, we’ve expanded with them into other services they offer such as payroll, accounting, things like that. HK has been just a great company to work with and have been very professional, very easy to work with, and I think our cultures are pretty similar. We’re both successful companies in the Midwest and that helps us to work together as well as we do.”

~Jeff, CFO
Right at Home Franchise


“HK has given our franchise the finance expertise that we have been missing from our operation. Though we have people that deal with finance within our Right at Home, we finally have accounting professionals that are helping us look at our business on a monthly basis to see if we are meeting our financial goals and show us through various statements, what might be a red-flag. The monthly financial statement is a great resource and the monthly phone call lets us ask questions regarding taxes and other items that we may have held onto in the past and never asked. We have taken part in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program and hope to have a good tax credit at the end of this year. We believe that our tax bill will be significantly reduced this year with just a few changes suggested by HK. We are very satisfied with the service.”

~Rosaleen, Owner
Right at Home Franchise


“First and foremost, Kirsten and I have a wonderful working relationship with our advisors. Reggie and Jay were easy to talk and work with as we planned for 2014 tax preparation. We are a small business and want to use our money to invest in our business and our employees vs. giving it to the federal government. After meeting with “our guys” via phone call on a couple of occasions, long story short, Kirsten and I had a large tax savings vs. what we had over the last three years. We both highly recommend HK to any business.”

~Peggy, Co-Owner
Right at Home Franchise


“Working with HK has had a very positive effect on the strategy of our company and has been a great experience for me personally. I had used HKP’s WOTC services previously and was very happy with the results, and I was connected to HK’s tax and financial services offerings through Right at Home. I took advantage of HK’s Social Security consulting services and found the experience to be an excellent conversation and explanation of my options and potential strategies. The consultation took a look at my personal situation and goals and presented me with my best options. It was invaluable to me.”

~Charles, Owner
Right at Home Franchise


“From a relationship that started only with participation in Honkamp Krueger’s (HK) Work Opportunity Tax Credit program, I have over the course of almost 10 years become fully engaged with the firm.

The WOTC program is seamlessly administered and pays for itself many times over each year. I have listened to the pitch from other sponsors of WOTC programs, and HK’s fees are the most competitive I’ve found. I also can’t imagine the communication with and access to the team handling the program could be any better.

As the needs for financial advice and structure in both business and personal matters have grown over the years, I have turned to HK for accounting and tax services and never been disappointed. When I became concerned about the lack of a succession plan in my previous CPA’s sole practitioner practice, HK stepped in and has provided greater insight and advice than I had ever previously enjoyed. My team’s expertise and accessibility are the cornerstones of our relationship.

HKP payroll is also a very well administered and executed program. As always with HK operations, dedicated team members are readily available to assist when questions arise, and they respond conscientiously and cheerfully.

With all these other financial and tax matters being so well-handled by HK, it only made sense for me to engage HK Financial Services (HKFS) to handle a significant portion of my investments. HKFS and HK (accounting and tax) team members communicating with one another eliminates the need for me to be the middleman between my accountant and investment advisors.

With all of the HK divisions working together I am free to work on my business and enjoy some more free time I might not otherwise have. I believe I am receiving world class service from a world class organization. I cannot recommend the entire HK organization more confidently.”

~Daniel, President/Owner
Right at Home Franchise