Wisconsin extends income tax filing deadline

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Wisconsin has extended its income tax filing and payment deadline to match the postponed federal deadline of July 15 in an effort to provide relief in light of COVID-19. Interest and penalties are waived during this time.

Important to note:

  • There is no need to file an extension form for this date, and there is not interest or penalty for the period
  • The amount of payment postponed is not limited
  • There are no income exclusions
  • Applies to individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships, associations, companies or corporations.
  • Estimated income tax payments and returns are still due April 15, 2020
  • Interest, penalties, and underpayment interest will begin to accrue on July 16, 2020

For more information, visit https://www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/News/2020/Tax-Deadline-Extended.pdf.