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Construction & Real Estate



The construction industry is like no other – demand is cyclical, cash flow is uneven and safety is always on the forefront of your mind. You may be facing labor and land shortages while battling something you can’t control – weather. HK can assist contractors with these issues with our deep understanding of how you are profitable through accurate bids, secure contracts and controlled costs, while also keeping an eye on future opportunities such as the aging infrastructure in the U.S. and trends toward energy efficiency. Here are some sample ways in which we serve the construction industry:

Real Estate

If you choose to partner with HK for your real estate business needs, you will be choosing a firm that has first-hand experience with commercial and residential real estate ownership. We truly understand the real estate business, and we monitor trends through our multiple resources.

HK can consult and assist you with:

Construction & Real Estate Practice Leader

Steve Campana, CPA, ABV, CFF®, Partner

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“What we value most about doing business with Honkamp Krueger are the relationships we’ve formed over the past 15 years with several employees and partners. Each of them is a trusted source for all of our financial questions, both business-related and personal. And, we feel as though they are a true advocate for our business.”

Jodi Infield, President
Epic Construction

“The deep knowledge Honkamp Krueger has of the construction industry helps to make our audit more efficient on their end and effective on our end. That knowledge goes beyond assurance services as they provide value-added consultative services year-round. They are highly recommended for anyone looking for specialists in the construction industry.”

Kent Pilcher, President
Estes Construction

“I am a good judge of support quality, and HK definitely delivers. I joined Baker during the busiest time of year with no experience with Sage, which was a challenge. However, the support I’ve received from HK has made the experience much easier. I’ve used many software systems, and I am good at teaching myself, but there simply isn’t always enough time. I have been impressed with HK’s entire team and the support and resources they provide across their many service offerings.”

Barb Leistad, Controller
Baker Concrete & Excavating

“We value the comfort in dealing with team members with whom we have an established relationship. Connection, trust, collaboration, friendship; these things are important to our company, and they exist in regard to our relationship with Honkamp Krueger.

We value the consultation we receive on software for our construction business, as well as the insights on best practices in terms of accounting in the construction arena. Together, we work through situations and various outcomes that make our company stronger and more adaptable.”

Mary Mulgrew Gronen, Vice President
Gronen Restoration

 “Honkamp Krueger is a true partner to us. They care as much about our company as we do, and really want us to be successful. Our partner, Mike Welbes does his due diligence and knows as much about our business as we do. From the managing partner to the whole staff, including HK Financial Services, everyone is really hard working and cares about us.” 

John Leibold, Owner
Leibold Irrigation, Inc.

“Honkamp Krueger has been an important part of my company since its inception. The knowledge, experience, and support that I have received from Nick Nauman over the years has been of great value to me as I have needed advice, perspective, and expertise…Especially during challenging times!

The thing I have valued the most from HK is that I have never had the feeling of being ‘talked down to.’ From the first day of meeting, my ideas of business and financial strategy have always been met with respect, support, and constructive criticism…I quickly gained a sense of trust between our companies that has, as I believe, helped the progress of my company and my own development as a business owner.

When relating the value that I have gained from HK specifically with respect to the construction industry, I would have to acknowledge the understanding of the nature of our industry and the challenges we face on a month to month basis with trying to keep a reasonable ‘pulse’ on our company financials. Due to the constant changes in the estimated vs. actual costs of a construction project and how it affects our month-to-month financials, I believe this understanding in how to deal with this comes from the long history of experience that has been gained through the years of handling many clients in the construction industry. It is a great value for my company to be able to use not only my accountant, but indirectly use all of the accountants and their experiences with their construction clients through HK, as a resource. It is this depth of reference that allows me greater comfort as a construction business owner to know that I have that experience supporting me.”

Jeff Bender, President
Prime Construction Services