A key part of talent development is training and developing a new generation of leaders or bringing a partner up to speed with the culture of your organization. In addition to our tools that measure behavior and motivation, we offer tools that measure two essential areas for every leader to be aware of and develop:

TTI Emotional Quotient™

Strengthening your emotional quotient (EQ) is a great way to build stronger relationships, navigate organizational change, empower leaders of today and discover leaders of tomorrow, reduce team conflicts and improve productivity.

  • Performance improvement
    The four quadrants of the EQ wheel: self-awareness, self-regulations, social-awareness and social-regulation can all be developed. Motivation is also measured and its metric wraps around the wheel. Motivation score increase when we are able to recognize our emotions and their impact so that we can focus on the intrinsic rewards of our work.
  • Coaching and advancement
    A willingness to and focus on developing emotional quotient empowers seasoned leaders and new hires alike to understand the dynamics of their team. Great advancement is achieved with the ability to use our emotions for positive impact.
  • Strategic Planning
    Understanding and developing emotional quotient of your team will equip you with the tools to collaborate without conflict.
Stress Quotient®

Stress is present in all work environments and on all teams. Minor stressors can pile up and cause significant lag on efficiency and motivation. Recognizing the seven key sources of stress and measuring its positioning and negative effects on your work and team is the firs step to clearing your path to success.

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